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Belt Cooler

Product Description


The LCM Belt Cooler was specially designed to cool a large number of chocolate bars or other molds in the smallest of spaces.

Cooling is on several levels, the cooling cycle for each level can be individually regulated.

Example of use
With a cycle time of 30 minutes by approx. 8 °C approx. 200 bars on three levels can be cooled down in only 60 minutes.

The LCM Belt Cooler is also equipped with several drawers and containers for storing various decorating materials.


Technical Data

The LCM Belt Cooler‘s dimensions and capacity of the machine can be adapted to your requirements.

An insulated laminated glass cover for a “clear view” of your product is available upon request.

Connection to the cool water circuit or separate set up of cooling unit possible.


 Width [cm]Depth [cm]Height [cm]el. connection [V/kW]Empty weight [kg]
LCM Belt Cooler
BK 325/3/1
380  91  127 400V/4,0  600
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