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Chocolate Melting Container with one tank, stirrer and heated discharge pipe

Product Description

LCM 100 MS


If you would like to have liquid chocolate always available, then we recommend the chocolate melting container.

The various heating circuits in the melting containers are turned off separately by sensors depending on the fill level. This prevents over-heating due to low fill.

The temperatures in the tanks, the discharge pipe with drain tilt and the pipe system can be adjusted individually.

The chocolate melting containers can be cleaned easily.

The high quality insulation of the tanks combined with the sensors which switch off the heating circuits depending on the fill level keep the energy costs at a minimum.



  • Automatic shutdown of the individual heating circuits dependent on the fill volume
  • Electric contact heaters in direct contact and insulated to the outside ensure precise temperature values and reduce the energy consumption
  • Heated drain pipe with drainage valve  - temperature adjustable
  • Slow rotating rigid agitator, can be removed for cleaning
  • Electronic temperature control for the tank with 1/10°C setting
  • PLC controller can be exchanged via module for trouble-free and very easy servicing
  • Machine housing made from stainless steel, portable on stable castors

Technical Data

The drive for the stirrer on the LCM 100-600 MS models is found under the tank. Therefore, a large opening is created on the top side of the melting container for filling in the chocolate.

The machine housing is made of stainless steel, portable on stable castors.

Slow rotating rigid stirrer, can be removed for cleaning.

Interval for stirring unit.


 Capacity [kg]Width [cm]Depth [cm]Height [cm]el. connection [V/kW]Empty weight [kg]
LCM 100 MS 100 77 64 100 400/1,6 120
LCM 200 MS 200 85 64 145 400/1,8 140
LCM 400 MS 400 101 76 145 400/2,2 180
LCM 600 MS 600 127 86 145 400/2,5 220
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