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Chocolate Coating Machine with thermo interval tempering

Product Description

LCM 180 C
LCM 180 C as molding machine


LCM C Series with coating widths from 18 cm, 24 cm and 32 cm is highly flexible, making them suitable to use in the smaller bakery or confectioner.

A powerful ventilation system allows the coating to be tempered within the machine.

The coating belt can be easily removed for cleaning. Changing of the chocolate is easy with the exchange of tanks.

By removing the coating belt, the machine from the LCM C Series can be used for molding applications direct on the machine.


All LCM C models are also available in table versions.


  • The working temperatures with 1/10°C display can be selected by means of a 3-stage switch (e.g. Stage I = 45°C, Stage II = 27°C, Stage III = 32°C)
  • Electronically controllable chocolate delivery pump
  • Temperature sensor directly in the chocolate, therefore very accurate values
  • Variably controllable blower for blowing off the chocolate after coating
  • Coating grid belt; easy to remove and therefore very easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Support area 40 cm, inlet grid belt separated from coating belt
  • Start-Stop system for one-man operation and for extremely effective use of the paper
  • Paper run-off belt with paper roller for clipping in
  • Additional heater above the curtain box
  • Plastic hood with hinge for folding open
  • An additional chocolate tank with variable heater control in the lower section of the machine, as well as a storage compartment (can be replaced by a third tank)
  • Powerful circulating air blower for interval tempering
  • Electronic control module can be exchanged for trouble-free and simple servicing
  • Motors control separately from each other the belt speed, the thermal circulating air tempering, the blower, the pump and the detailer rod
  • Two plug sockets for the connection of additional devices
  • FI fault current safety switch according to DIN VDE 0100-100 – Safety of persons
  • Machine housing made from stainless steel, can be moved on wheels

Technical Data


 Capacity [kg]Width B1/B2 [cm]Depth [cm]Height H1/H2 [cm]el. connection [V/kW]Empty weight [kg]
LCM 180 C 22 66/222 64 103/152 230/2,0 100
LCM 240 C 25 66/222 67 103/152 230/2,0 110
LCM 320 C 40 80/276 89 103/152 400/2,5 190


Third chocolate tank in the lower section of the machine.

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Truffle rotary table

Truffle Rotary Table with its own motor, for the production of powdered sugar candies

  • removable rotary table Ø 88 cm
  • cylindrical sifter Ø 36 cm
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Truffles Grid Belt

Truffles Grid Belt for the production of candies

  • Length 50 cm
  • Length 20 cm (ideal in combination with the truffle rotary table)
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Heated Draining Sheet

Heated Draining Sheet for attaching to the side

  • with draining grid or shaking table
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Paper Run-Off Belt

in the lengths: 1.20 m, 1.60 m and 2.00 m

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