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Product Description

The smallest LCM Chocolate Coating Machine

180atc s ueberzugsmaschineas coating machine
180atc s giessmaschineas molding machine


Our entry-level model supports manufacturers during production of its own products.

With a coating belt widths of 18 cm the machine is suitable for the coating of candies and cookies.

The machine itself, as well as the coating unit is easy to remove and to clean.

The LCM 180 ATC-S is a fully equipped temper. Molding can be directly poured on the machine.

Liquid chocolate can be filled during running operation.

The changing to a different chocolate is very easy.


Technical Data

180atc s

Width W1/W2
Height H1/H2
el. connection
Empty weight
LCM 180 ATC-S 25 66/132 70 97/135 230/2,0 150


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