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Chocolate Coating Machine with fully automatic circulation tempering and Booster-Pump

Product Description



Coating machines with Booster-Pump in the ranges of 32 and 42 cm are the optimum solution for covering high and big products as for example cakes or cake cuts of all kind. The output will be raised by the Booster-Pump „up to 5-fold“ in comparison to the models LCM-ATC without pump.

For moulding products this machine also offers enough space for comfortable work.

The machine, as well as the Booster-Pump and the enrobing grid belt can be easily cleaned.

In the running working process liquid chocolate can be refilled manually or automatically by enlargement with a LCM Melting Container.


Technical Data


Width W1/W2
Height H1/H2
el. connection
Empty weight
LCM 320 ATC-P 40 110/152 96 97/155 400/4,2 450
LCM 420 ATC-P 55 110/152 106 99/150 400/4,5 500


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