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Cooling Tunnel

Product Description

LCM 320 ATC with cooling tunnel LCM 320 CTB
Beneath: LCM belt control and cooling unit in separate cart as standard version.

The length of the cooling tunnel is made according to the customer‘s need with regards to production, cycle duration and space available.

The cooling temperature and the humidity in the tunnel can be individually adjusted.

The straight-run control of the transportation belt is electronically controlled and the cycle duration can be variably regulated.

The tunnel parts are insulated and can be easily removed for cleaning. Additionally, the tunnel can be opened from the underside for cleaning.

For service-technical reasons, the cooling system with the removable, electronic control can be found in a separate cooling station.


  • Decorating area 1 meter, discharge length 0.5 meter (can be modified at customer's request - surcharge)
  • Display, measurement and regulation of the humidity via sophisticated control of additional heating elements – this means, that even with the lowest throughput of products there is no humidity in the tunnel and therefore excellent product gloss is ensured right from the start.
  • Cooling temperature display with 1/10°C indication, display of the humidity in %
  • Working/cooling temperature down to 15°C – with custom equipment down to 5°C
  • Air drying and cooling via heat exchangers
  • Blower for extremely smooth air circulation in the tunnel
  • Electronic straight running control via sensors and servo motors
  • Safety shutdown for transport belt runners
  • Separating device – (breaking stage) 0.6 meter before the end of the belt (can be modified at customer's request - surcharge)
  • Variable transfer height can easily be adjusted by 2 - 3 cm.
  • Transfer blade can be variably set in the axial direction
  • Variably controllable speed over wear-free three-phase gear motor
  • Transport belt runners coated on one side, made from washable PU
  • Cooling tunnel segments made completely of stainless steel, insulated, removable and very easy to clean – from outside as well as inside.
  • The delivery table can also be very easily folded open from below for simple cleaning
  • PLC controller can be exchanged via module for trouble-free and very easy servicing
  • Refrigerating machine with control electronics in separate portable carriage for trouble-free and very easy servicing
  • Refrigerating unit with heat exchanger easily accessible for regular cleaning
  • Electrical connection: 400 Volt, Cekon plug 16A, output max. 2.5 KW

Technical Data

Specified dimension for a standard cooling tunnel LCM 240 CTB is 6.0 m cooling and 7.5 m in total length.



  • Plexiglas cover
  • Decorating trays to be attached to the side in the decorating area..

Connection to the cool water circuit or separate set up of cooling unit possible.

With additional insulation and increased cooling performance, temperatures to 5° C are possible for special products.

Lengths can be individually made according to customer‘s needs.

 Decoration length [cm]Cooling length [cm]Discharge length [cm]Height [cm]el. connection [V/kW]Empty weight [kg]
LCM 240 CTB 100 600 50 130 400/2,5 500
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