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Jürgen Leute

Production Management

„Our vision for the future is to maintain the excellent service quality in machine building and the close ties to our customers.“

Markus Leute

Company Management

„We work systematically with our customers and are always trying to create the perfect and appropriate system for the situation and to therefore ideally fulfill the customer‘s needs.“



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Welcome to our website! We and our employees are looking forward to working with you and to advising you in more detail on the phone or in person.


The new company site was built in 2013 in 88287 Grünkraut, Industrial Park Gullen.


The connection of the multifaceted product known as chocolate with high technical expertise is both our vocation and our passion. We strive not only to provide machines, but to be your partner on the path to technological advance and economic success, even when things are not always easy. We are aware that the products of each customer are unique. Our wide range of machines should provide an answer for all possible tasks. LCM machines can be combined with each other and supplemented in many ways, so we look forward to your growth and development - LCM machines are happy to grow with you!

And if we don't have the right machine in our standard offering, we will try to offer you a customized solution. We develop, design and manufacture all machines in the south of Germany, near Lake Constance.

We work together with competent sales partners who are in close contact with us. Please do not hesitate to demand the same from our sales partners as you would from us.

Best regards
Markus Leute and Jürgen Leute
Managing directors of LCM Schokoladenmaschinen GmbH

Why LCM?

You can count on LCM!

Long-term business relationships, reliability, open and friendly communication with customers and suppliers are very important for us. Take advantage of our expertise and communicate with us whenever it concerns questions on machine-based chocolate processing.

LCM machines will impress you with practicality and efficiency in daily use. Evidence of this is that in addition to confectionery shops, chocolates manufacturers, pastry shops and bakeries, various chocolate manufacturers also use LCM machines for training and in development laboratories. The experience and ideas gathered here flow directly into our development programs.

We pay particular attention to a most flexible use of the machines, for example in changing the chocolate or converting the coating machines in molding machines. Our paper discharge conveyors are equipped with a batch system and can therefore be operated without paper loss even by a single person.

Good cleaning possibilities for our machines are important to us. All components of the machines can be removed and cleaned or washed in the dishwasher. Even our AT and ATC models with fully automatic continuous circulation tempering system can be completely washed out with water.

We are particularly pleased that countless customers thank us for reliable service and expert advice. Even after the sale, customer orientation and service quality are very important to us. For example, all wear parts are easily accessible and can be quickly replaced or repaired. Since we are the manufacturer of the LCM machines our warehouse is equipped with all spare parts, so that as a rule spare parts can be shipped next day of the order.

Do you wish a service or repair appointment on site? We will arrange it. Our service engineer‘s team is operating worldwide. Most of our customers abroad work in addition with a local technician supported by LCM.

We are entirely at your disposal for any question you may have or any clarification you may need regarding LCM equipment.

LCM tempering machines are especially characterized by

  • the high processing quality of the machines
  • continuous and uniform tempering quality of the chocolate to be processed
  • the possibility of being able to refill liquid chocolate during the current work process, without diminishing the quality of the tempering
  • the possibility of washing the entire tempering machine with hot water and being able to put parts in the dishwasher

Service support - fast and efficient

  • all wear parts are simply accessible and can be easily replaced or repaired
  • our warehouse is equipped with all spare parts, spare parts can be shipped next day of order
  • in case of need the LCM engineer‘s team is on site


Varied, highly-specialized favorites...

Imaginative creations out of and with chocolate, candies and coatings are virtually limitless. The variety in one of the best industries meets LCM Schokoladenmaschinen GmbH with their highly specialized machines and systems for chocolate processing. Individual – innovative – economical in the development and production is our motto. We develop and produce sophisticated systems required in the confectionary, candy manufacture, confectioners and bakeries – for the most flexibility in use, smooth running operation and with the highest ease of use.

Also for lab and educational purposes as well as show production or promotion, we make our machines available for chocolate production.

And this makes LCM Production a true delight: The price-performance ratio, the easy adjustment, cleaning and easiest possible maintenance and repair, adjusted to the requirements of smaller batches and frequently changing recipes as well as our personal service, the production without disruption is ensured through our easily removable control modules and operational elements. a master hand

LCM, along with its employees, sees itself as a machine building company where technological know-how and years of experience in chocolate processing blend together.

We support the traditional craft of chocolate processing with our range. We continue to grow with the requirements and technical developments according to your needs.

Our recipe for success...

Take a passion for enticing delicacies, a nose for the needs and trends in the chocolate industry, enrich this with technically specialized know-how of machine building. Then combine these components together into a successful business model.

In 2000, this is how the brothers Jürgen and Markus Leute, both educated and experienced machine builders, founded the company LCM Schokoladenmaschinen GmbH.

In the meantime, the machines with fully automatic continuous circulation tempering have developed to the main product.

With the new construction of the company building with 750 sq. meters in 2013, Jürgen and Markus Leute are proceeding with their further development, knowing the innovative strength and potential for growth of the LCM Schokoladenmaschinen GmbH.

...for your craftsmanship

So that the sweet delicacies are a success and a delight, the expert machine builders from Ravensburg are in demand for their sophisticated machines. Customers and their needs are the company‘s focus. The customer‘s tried and tested recipes should be maintained and the LCM machines support the production.

The experts see their task as a challenge in a technical sense: the higher the quality of chocolate, the more specific are the requirements for the machine builder. On the one hand, a high quality production must be ensured, on the other hand, the ease of use must be kept as easy as possible.

Made in Germany...

Our location is, at the same time, our claim – Made in Germany. Germany. Baden-Württemberg. We produce near Ravensburg, not far from Lake Constance and use material almost exclusively from German manufacturers – whether it is a stainless steel housing, electronic components, motors or anything else. We also put an emphasis on a personal touch here and we work hand in hand with our suppliers.

...talked about worldwide

We are particularly proud of our long-standing, returning customers. We also rely on our numerous foreign representatives around the globe among others in Switzerland, Austria, France, Sweden for the Scandinavian region, Poland and in the USA. LCM Machines and Systems are in demand internationally at well-known confectioners and chocolatiers.

LCM Tempering

Manual or batch tempering or fully automatic circulation tempering system - a small decision aid

Crucial to the quality of the chocolate coating is a correct tempering of the chocolate. This guarantees a perfect shine and a good shelf life of your products.

The fully automatic, continuous circulation tempering system provides fresh tempered chocolate all day long. Unprocessed chocolate continuously flows back into the chocolate tank, is then completely decrystallized and is tempered again. This simplifies the work over a longer period of time to a considerable extent, since the chocolate even after many hours still has the same viscosity and thus ensures a consistent, excellent quality of the products.

We recommend the manual or batch tempering for small processing amounts and/or very frequent chocolate changes.

In this case, a certain amount of chocolate is dissolved and tempered either using the integrated circulating air blower or by "seeding", i.e. by adding crystallized chocolate. Chocolate tempered in this way should be processed if possible within a limited time. However, it can be re-heated at any time and produce a perfect chocolate quality.

The choice of a suitable tempering system for you is, however, still dependent on many other factors. We will assist you in selecting the optimal machine for your individual application.

LCM tempering machines are especially characterized by:

  • the high processing quality of the machines
  • continuous and uniform tempering quality of the chocolate to be processed
  • the possibility of being able to refill liquid chocolate during the current work process, without diminishing the quality of the tempering
  • the possibility of washing the entire tempering machine with hot water and being able to put parts in the dishwasher, and above all
  • by a fast and efficient service.

Since we are the manufacturer of the LCM machines we have all spare parts in stock. If necessary, our service technician team also performs repairs at the customer site, and they do it quickly and accurately.

A thank you!

Thanks to our long-term customers

We owe the success of the LCM Schokoladenmaschinen GmbH, since its inception in the year 2000, to our customers. Your loyalty, your confidence, your suggestions and problems challenge us again and again and inspire us to steadily expand and complement our range of machines.

We see it as a compliment and recognition for the quality of our work that many customers do not just buy LCM machines once. Thank you that you continually show your confidence in LCM Schokoladenmaschinen GmbH. We are happy to grow with your success.

Call us when it comes to questions about your LCM machine or visit us for an exchange of experiences or a simple cup of coffee at one of the trade fairs that we attend each year.

We are happy to keep in contact with you!

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