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Manual Tempering Units

Product Description

LCM 25 T with 2 x 8 kg tank


Manual tempering units are ideal for filling hollow bodies and all types of molds or for coating and dipping of a variety of products such as candies and cookies.
They keep the coating tempered in the device at working temperature all day.

The models LCM 25 T and LCM 25 TP keep 25 kg each of chocolate tempered. The LCM25 TP is additionally equipped with a pump. Because the drive motor of the pump is removable and the tanks can be detached, it is very easy to clean.


Technical Data

 Capacity [kg]Width [cm]Depth [cm]Height [cm]el. connection [V/W]Empty weight [kg]
LCM 25 T 22 60 55 42 230/500 15
LCM 25 TP 22 60 55 64 230/600 25


LCM 25 T: alternative 2 x 8 kg tank with lid

LCM 25 T and TP: eated draining sheet with grid or shaking table, can be attached to the side and portable subframe made of stainless steel

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Heated Draining Sheet

Heated Draining Sheet for attaching to the side

  • with draining grid or shaking table
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Portable Subframe

made from stainless steel

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