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Chocolate Tempering Machine with fully automatic continuous circulation tempering with 2 tanks

Product Description

LCM TWIN Temper 40 AT
LCM TWIN Temper 40 AT with
2 x LCM 400 M Melting Container


The LCM TWIN Temper was especially developed to continually have two types of tempering chocolate available.

Both tanks work completely independently from each other and can be automatically filled with liquid chocolate using the LCM melting container (LCM M models).

Easy cleaning and movability ensure flexible use of the LCM TWIN Temper Models.



  • Two tempering machines operating independently of each other are combined in a compact machine.
  • With fully automatic, continuous circulation tempering the chocolate is re-tempered at each pass. Chocolate on the filling pipe that is not removed and flows back into the chocolate tank is decrystallized and tempered again. This means, that even after hours of use, chocolate tempered in this manner has excellent crystallization, viscosity and a tempting gloss. And this guarantees the best storability of the products. Overcrystallization of the coatings does not occur, as we are assured through constant laboratory tests at famous chocolate manufacturers.
  • The LCM tempering machines offer great flexibility, when it concerns a change of chocolate varieties. Cleaning is very easy. The chocolate tanks together with internal piping system can be flushed (through) with hot water..

Technical Data


 Capacity [kg]Width [cm]Depth [cm]Height [cm]el. connection [V/kW]Empty weight [kg]
LCM TWIN Temper 25 AT 2 x 25 101 75 101 400/4,5 200
LCM TWIN Temper 40 AT 2 x 40 118 81 101 400/5,5 275
LCM TWIN Temper 60 AT 2 x 55 124 84 101 400/6,0 280


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